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Starting Now: Learning to exercise in my 60's

Starting an exercise program at my age (63) scared me to death. After experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain, I decided to try something different to see if I could relieve my discomfort. What I found was Heart Mountain Fitness and Amy Kincheloe. After an initial screening and introduction to movement and balance I moved to a program of exercises involving strength, cardio, balance and mobility. Along with periodic massage this has transformed me into someone who is proud of my strength and endurance.

Before starting my workouts, I had trouble doing anything physical without having to stop and rest. I could begin to feel the results of the workouts within a short period of time. Now, after roughly a year of training, I no longer fear tackling physical challenges and have little neck or shoulder trouble. In fact I look forward to what she has planned for the workouts to see what my body can handle. The word handle is a key here as she will not have you do anything that you or she feels you can not do.

Another benefit of the increased physical activity is the effect it has had on my type 1 diabetes. I am using approximately twenty five percent less insulin than before and my HA1C (the measure of my average blood sugar over the past three months ) has gone down considerably. I attribute that to the exercise along with a nutrition consultant who volunteers her time to clients of Heart Mountain Fitness. I also participate in a weekly yoga class that Nikki Levine teaches in the gym. I highly recommend this to anyone.

I had always thought that yoga was for those “weird” people who ate grass and talked to flowers. I was so wrong. Yoga is a discipline that can help you in your life build strength physically and also mentally. I look forward to this as much as I do the workouts. I have no plans to stop exercising. I only wish I would have had the foresight to start this regimen earlier in the life. Don’t wait. Start now on your own path to physical well being and inner peace. Steve – Age 64

Photo credit: Trainer Academy

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