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Why fitness is helping me plan my future

I'm getting older and I don't really like it ! 57 geez ! That's the way of life but there are some things I can do about it ! I've tried to remain active doing different things . I enjoy the Rec center but the workouts got pretty repetitious . During the summer I enjoy running around Beck Lake but that wasn't doing much for my overall strength. So I started attending Heart Mountain Fitness . I must say I really enjoy working out here !

Everyday is a different workout tailored to encourage muscle tone , flexibility, strength, and endurance. The variety is what I really love about our workouts at Heart Mountain Fitness.

The 5:45 am class is perfect for my schedule . I have time for a great intense workout with like minded people who inspire and encourage me and make it a lot of fun . And I have time to get ready for work at 7:45 .

There is a saying on the wall of the gym that says " today I will do what others won't so that tomorrow I can do what others can't ." I think this encapsulates how I feel about working out . It's like planning for the future . Someday I'd like to retire comfortably so I'm trying to plan ahead . Get my debt squared away and putting some money aside . During that retirement I want to be active ! I want to run with my grandkids not just watch them run ! I'd like to ski with them instead of watching them from the lodge . I'd like to teach them to water ski by showing them instead of yelling instructions from the boat . So I want to be prepared and working with Heart Mountain Fitness is a big part of that .

Amy does a fantastic job of organizing the workouts and motivating us . One of her main goals is not to have any injuries so she is very good at adjusting the workouts to each individual . She is aware of my sore shoulder and helps me to avoid further injury . Because of that my shoulder is getting better and stronger . She knows when to push us and when to have us back off . She's the perfect combo of caring coach and task master !

So time marches on . I can't stop it but I feel that the workouts I'm doing with Amy at Heart Mountain Fitness are helping to prepare me for a healthier,stronger and better prepared future !

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