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From our heart to yours

Welcome to the Heart Blog @ Heart Mountain Fitness where we are committed to being better humans. What that means is that the information posted here will come from a variety of places with topics ranging from diet and exercise, yoga,meditation, places to visit (perhaps in your own body), and just about anything else we may feel like talking about or exposing you to. Some of the articles will be scientific data for you #s and 'proof' people (you know who you are ;-) ) Some will be simple easy reads and other stuff may just be ramblings from our heart to yours.

We promise to be honest and give credit and sources to the articles we re share. We also promise to push your limits sometimes on new ideas and thoughts. Not all may be comfy to read and soak up, but 'better humans' are not created in comfort zones.

Please remember to be patient with your hearts and ours.. We are all in this together. We at Heart Mountain Fitness are just getting warmed up! Thank you for stopping by... Come by often and share your comments and thoughts that come up.


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