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Heart Mountain Fitness was established in 2014 and is home to a 2,500 square foot facility located in Cody, Wyoming.


We are Cody, Wyoming's premier general movement, and mobility gym, offering group classes for teens, adults, and 65+ age groups. We pride ourselves on emphasizing safe movements and proper technique, which is consistently coached and re-coached in order to improve overall performance.


Here, you won’t find weight machines or everyone's workout time written up on the board. Instead, we’re equipped with a large squat rig, thousands of pounds of bumper plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers, Skiergs, and ample room to run outside. You’ll find wide-open spaces for workouts and movements that are constantly varied, always challenging and will always be tailored to your strength and ability.


Here at Heart Mountain Fitness, you’ll find a community of people who all care, will cheer you on, and will motivate one another to be the best versions of themselves.


Most of all, We have fun!


We don't list our

workouts online.

We have enough stress in our lives. Knowing about that "dreaded workout" sometimes distracts us from what we need to do. Plus, you're less likely to skip if you don't know what's headed your way!

Click HERE for a sample workout week.

We're focused on mechanics, consistency,

and intensity.

There are very few workout-related injuries at Heart Mountain Fitness. We're focused on movement and stability much more than "going all out, all the time." We'll push your limits, but not your form or safety — EVER. 

We want you to

play outside.

Each and every member of HMF not only is a beast in the gym but also have goals outside of our gym that they want to accomplish. Whether it's ascending a mountain, getting after a trail race, or hiking with your kids, we want you to take what you learn here at HMF and feel capable wherever you go.



Owner & Head Coach

Amy Cowan-Kincheloe is the founder and head coach of Heart Mountain Fitness. Established in 2014, Amy had a desire to reach the community of Cody through the means of functional fitness. Her knowledge of human anatomy and exercise science sets her a notch above, giving her an elite status as a coach. She pays careful attention to detail and form, ensuring her athletes do not hurt themselves, and makes time for each individual at HMF.


Her certifications are through the roof and include:

  • CrossFit: Level 1, Level 2, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, and Mobility

  • Brand X Method: Advanced Kid’s Trainer Certification and Method Youth Barbell Trainer Certification

  • ProjectsMethod Certs: ProjectSki and ProjectRow

  • Gym Jones Fundamentals Certification

  • Pilates Mat certified

  • Massage Therapy License


Amy makes sure every single one of her members feels welcomed and valued each time they walk through the door. Her love for coaching shines through in each of her classes and encourages people to be more functionally-fit and capable humans.

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